A Villain´s Journal: Capítulo 1

Day One

I have bought this journal in order to record my thoughts and the most important occurrences in my life.

I am beginning to hate my job. Working as a barkeeper can be quite frustrating, especially when your boss is a lazy bastard. He gives me tons of jobs to do and pays me very little. I am beginning to hate him!

Sure he gave me this job… But I just think that I should receive more respect from him and the clients. I am treated as if I am a slave! Those smelly bastards! All of them!

Sometimes I wish I could burn this tavern down… And with everyone inside it!

I hate them all!

Not the kind of first entry that I was expecting to write, but these are my thoughts and feelings. I have to stay true with my decision to record them.

Day Two

My boss started humiliating me again in front of the clients. How I hate him more than ever! And only because I broke a damn glass! The clients are always breaking them!

Their laughter! Their godforsaken laughter! How I hate them all!

Day Three

I have come up with a plan. It isn’t the best of plans… But if it works, I think that all of my troubles will be over.

Mr. Folgon is usually the last client to get out. And he is usually very drunk by that time. He will be an important piece in my plan.

And so will this dagger…

At last, I shall have my revenge…

Day Four

I can’t believe it! I have done it! It still feels like I am in a dream!

Everything worked out alright! Everything!

Mr. Folgon was the last client in the tavern last night. He was incredibly drunk as usual. And so was my boss. It was so easy…

I killed my boss! I stabbed him in the back and then cut his throat! The blood seemed like gold, to me! I wanted more… More!

And then he was dead… as simple as that…

And now there was the matter of Mr. Folgon… Poor Mr. Folgon… I grabbed a crossbow that my boss… my now deceased boss… had behind the counter.

I shouted: “Murderer! Murderer! How could you? Help! Help!”

Mr. Folgon looked at me in a surprised way. He was so drunk… He couldn’t even understand my master plan. Too bad…

I shot him down. And just in time… The watchmen entered the tavern with their swords ready to strike.

And what did they find? The corpses of my boss and Mr. Folgon... And me holding a crossbow.

The watchmen told me to put the crossbow down, and I did. I told them everything. How Mr. Folgon had attacked my boss… How I had shot Mr. Folgon, thus killing him…

The watchmen found the dagger in the floor. Exactly where I had left it. They told me that I had been a Hero and acted in self-defence.

Me? A Hero? Not bad… Not bad at all…

Day Five

I decided to keep the tavern. It is mine now. All mine!

So many people came. They wanted to listen to my stories about yesterday. And I told them my stories… And they listened…

This murder business will attract lots of clients. Not bad! More clients means more business… More business means more money…

And money means power…

Day Six

My tavern is a huge success. I have hired a few lads to do the actual work. I have other things in mind.

Money means power… And it is time to get more money!

I have hired a few thugs. They are idiots, the lot of them! But they will be useful. Really useful.

Until then, I will just keep them as a sort of pets.

How I love me!

Day Seven

What makes a Hero a Hero? What makes him so different from the others? Is it the fact that he does good deeds? No! It is the fact that he is charismatic? No!

It is the fact that he seems to have success doing those good deeds! Success will bring charisma and that will make you a Hero to remember.

And I guess that I would like to be a Hero.

And I guess that my pets will have to sacrifice themselves for me.

Day Eight

I ordered the thugs to rob the local bank. Fools! I would never trust them to do that! They are stupid, simple folks! They are good at kicking and killing, but not at sneaking.

They accepted, of course. I offered them lots of money. Who would refuse?

Their orders were to steal the bank at midnight. Oh, I am such a sentimental fool! Midnight! Ah!

I decided to warn the Watch of the robbery that was going to occur. I said that I heard those bad men talking in the tavern about it. And that it was my duty as a good citizen to warn the Watch about it.

Oh! And I bribed a few of the watchmen that were… let’s just say not as lawful as they should be… I have to make sure that the thugs don’t survive this encounter. Dead men tell no tales.

Day Nine

Oh! The people are so agitated! An attempt of robbery has occurred last nigh! But thank the gods the Watch had been capable to stop them.

All of the robbers died. Some rumours state that they didn’t surrender. Too bad.

The Watch gave me a reward and I was yet again a Hero. A Hero! I like the sound of that…

People know me… People respect me…

My tavern is full of clients… More clients means more business… More business means more money…

And money means power…

To be continued