A Villain´s Journal: Capítulo 2

Day Ten

The money keeps coming. How delicious!

But enough of that! I must think “big”… I am no longer an average citizen! I am a great Hero, therefore I must take care of my well being.

I decided to hire the most experienced and lethal Rogue of the town as my bodyguard. His name is Boris. I was actually surprise to find out that Boris is a Dwarf, but I decided not to make any comments.

Boris accepted my little deal, which involves lots of money.

He will be my lap dog… when I give orders, he will obey!

I also decided to buy some… exotic items… from a black-market seller.

Note to self: Find use for the Orcish weapons that were bought.

Day Eleven

Boris is a good lap dog. He has taken care of some of my competitors during the night. The taverns were burned to dust.

Of course, I will offer the landlords some money in order for them to reconstruct their taverns. And they will owe me! 

And I will be a Hero, again… How nice.

Day Twelve

It would seem that my popularity keeps increasing. How enjoyable. I am a great puppeteer!

And by a strange coincidence of Fate, the elections are quite near. Mayor… Not bad!

Hummm… I think that I will win. I am the best! The current Mayor is a wimp!

But I can’t take any chances! I will take care of him.

It would seem that those Orcish weapons will be of some use after all.

How interesting.

Better give the orders to my lap dog… I mean, Boris.

Day Thirteen

It would seem that the current Mayor has to go on an official trip to another town. Something about a Festival of some sorts.

Wouldn’t it be so awful if… something dreadful was to happen to the Mayor?

Ohhh! And so near the elections? Poor little Mayor…

Day Fourteen

The news spread more quickly than the plague… or so it would seem.

The poor Mayor… or should I say ex-Mayor?

It would seem that the Mayor and his escort suffered… an unfortunate accident!

By the looks of it, the Orcs were responsible for the whole terrible mess.

Boris has done a good job. He deserves a raise.

People are so naive. I mean… The Orcs leaving behind their weapons? And not an Orc corpse on the field?


Simple folks! My future minions…

Now it is time for action… Now it is time for my performance!

Day Fifteen

I made a speech today. Everyone was there to listen to it. Everyone!

I offered my condolences! I told them that I would gladly pay the widow and her children some money, in order for them to survive.

And I… told them that I would run for Mayor.

Everyone applauded! Thunderous applause! Everyone! Including the damn widow and her filthy children!

Bah! I will be Mayor! No one can stop me! No one will!

Boris will make sure of that!

To be continued