A Villain´s Journal: Capítulo 4

Day Twenty Five

A few damn commoners are beginning to suspect foul play by my part. Damn! They are whispering that I am a treacherous coward.

I should kill them all! But that would be stupid and barbaric! So uncivilized.

Plus, if everyone that opposes me died, that would give me away.

And I am not powerful enough to deal with that… For now at least!

I think that it is time to throw another party. Maybe even donate some money to the church.

I will regain their trust! I must…

Day Twenty Six

I have fallen in love. Hard to believe it, right? But it is true!

She is so pretty! So gorgeous! So divine!

I saw her on the party!

Alas, she has a damn boyfriend! A stupid and zealous Paladin! How I hate Paladins! How I wish they were all dead!

To see my love with such a creature… It pains me so much.

I need to save my love! I need to show her that she is making a mistake!

And I know how to do it…

It will cost me lots of money… But it will be worth it! I have to save her from that pig!

Day Twenty Seven

I have asked Boris and his men to kidnap the Paladin during the night. He wasn’t to be killed! I have some plans for him…

And as for my love… I have invested most of my money in one magical item. I have bought a Ring of Charm. I can use it on my love, and she will fall in love with me! I will save her from the vile world!

And as for that damn Paladin… I have ordered Boris to throw him into the dungeon! He will be tortured… Tortured all day and night!

He will be cured of his injuries everyday by a Cleric, so that he doesn’t bleed to death! And then he will be tortured again, and again, and again… Forever!

I will make his life a living Hell! He will pay for daring to love the same woman that I love!

Day Twenty Eight

It worked! It actually worked! My love was crying and worrying for that crazy fool! But I used the ring… And it work! She is in love with me! With me!

How I love her! I kissed her… She is so pretty! A goddess!

We are going to marry! Yes! In two days! I love her, she loves me! It will happen!

People suspect something… They ask her about her old boyfriend… How I hate them! I told my love that the Paladin abandoned her! She believes me! How I love her! She really believes everything that I say!

Good! I have told Boris to double the torture! That’s right! I want the Paladin to suffer! To suffer the fate of those that dare challenge me!

Boris doesn’t mind this kind of work. He is a good lap dog!

Day Twenty Nine

One more day! One more day and I will marry that goddess, my love!

No one will be able to stop me! I have power… I have money… And now I will have the most beautiful girl of the town!

I am invincible!


Day Thirty

Oh, terrible, terrible news! The Paladin somehow managed to escape my dungeon!

Damn that pig!

He killed Boris and his men! I don’t think that the Paladin did all that by himself! I bet that some of the commoners helped the Paladin!

Ah! I can see clearly now! The Paladin is my nemesis, my mortal enemy! I should have seen it!

But I will marry my love today! No one will stop me! I have asked the Thieves Guild for help! They sent dozens of assassins to protect me. My wedding is going to be a private ceremony! A priest, me and my love!

No one will stop my plans! No one!

I am invincible!

Let them come! They will die! They will all die! They will regret the day that they challenged me!

Day Thirty One

I have lost… I have lost everything! I don’t know how… I had a plan! I had everything figured out!

I am now writing my journal in a tavern somewhere. I had to run away! I just had to…

The entire town revolted against me! Everyone! Every single commoner… Simple minded idiots!

The Paladin led them! He was a shell of a man that he once was. He had many scars… Yet he still had what some may call a charismatic aura that surrounded him.

The assassins fought bravely, but they all died.

The wedding was going perfectly! It was great! It was almost over! I was going to marry my love!

But when the priest was about to end the damn ceremony, the Paladin appeared. Such a damn Hero! Damn that creature! Damn them all to Hell!

I fought the Paladin! I had to! I wanted to kill him! To make him pay for daring to love my goddess!

Alas, the damn Paladin won the damn fight. He disarmed me and asked me to end the spell that imprisoned my love.

He had a sword pointing at me! I had to do it! I told him that I would free her, if he let me go!

He seemed to think about it. He seemed to be digesting the idea and to think about the consequences of his decision.

In the end he accepted my agreement. He let me go, and I gave him the ring.

The fool destroyed the ring and the spell was dispelled. He could have kept her charmed but the fool destroyed the ring!

My love looked at the Paladin and kissed him. How that simple act disgusted me so much!

The Paladin kept his word and I was able to walk away.

And here I am now… Once a powerful ruler of a town… Now a drunk man at a tavern…

At least I am still alive… Got to think in a positive way!

Oh? I seem to be the last customer in this tavern. How time flies… I drank too much… You would drink too, if you lost so much in so little time!

That boy… He seems to work in this tavern. Yes! He helps the innkeeper! Just like I did! I miss those days!

Funny! That boy does resemble me… The poor lad was humiliated lots of times by the customers and the innkeeper.

It pains my soul to see the poor lad facing such a familiar life. If you can call that hell a life!

What’s this? It would seem that the innkeeper is also a bit drunk! Damn that pig! Poor lad… I should talk with the lad! Maybe the two of us can start a new life somewhere. We are almost like brothers.

What the… The lad has just stabbed the innkeeper! With a damn dagger! What is happening here? I can’t even seem capable of stop writing… This damn business seems to have paralysed me!

What is he doing now?

The boy is looking at me… He is smiling an evil smile… He has walked towards the bar… He has grabbed a crossbow…

He has shouted: “Murderer! Murderer! How could you? Help! Help!”

He is now pointing the crossbow towards me…

Damn… How I hate irony!

The end