Disciple of Weatherwax

Created by Cinnabar Din
Disciple of Weatherwax
Prestige Class: Disciple of Weatherwax


Gnome or Dwarf
Wizard level 3 or Sorcerer level 9
Feats: Courteous Magocracy, Monologue
Lore: 5 ranks

The Disciple of Weatherwax displays a disturbing infatuation with arcane magic and casters, especially the Wizard class. Often found in dusty libraries among various old scrolls, tomes, and treatises studying various aspects of the eldritch arts or cruising the web for obscure sites on Wizards, Gnomes, and general Faerun lore. With an uncanny sense for ongoing arcane discussion, the DoWW will appear without warning to inform, regale, discuss, debate, and enlighten whenever the words 'arcane' or 'wizard' are mentioned.

Class features:

Level 1

Pleasant Conversation: enables the DoWW to post pleasant, non-abusive replies to any topic they choose that involves Wizards.

Level 2

Orate: This feat enables the DoWW to discuss at length any topic remotely associated with arcane magic and casters.

Level 3

Write Monologue: Closely related to the Orate feat, Write Monologue enables the DoWW to go on at great length on the subject of Wizards and their various abilities. This enhances the Orate feat so the DoWW can provide well over 2000 words on any topic involving Wizards.

Level 4

Provide Lore: This feat provides a bonus to the DoWW's Lore skill and enables the DoWW to uncover arcane lore dealing with Wizards and the races of stone. (This is a prerequisite for the optional Provide Link feat)

Level 5

Extended Discourse: Closely linked to the Orate and Write Monologue feats, this feat provides the DoWW with the ability to extend any Oration or Monologue to indefinite length. The reader must make a DC 27 Will save or be mesmerized for 3 turns and unable to turn away from the computer screen.

Level 6

Provide Link (optional): this feat enables the DoWW to provide links to various information sources from outside the ken of regular mortals. As an option, this feat can be passed over for the Quick Comment feat (see below).

Quick Comment (optional): enables the DoWW to quickly pop in on a topic for a short comment and then disappear without a trace. May only be used 3x/day and cannot be used in conjunction with the Orate, Write Monologue, Provide Lore, or Extended Discourse feats.

Level 7

Greater Link: this feat enables the DoWW to provide several links in the same message.

Level 8

Ignore Plea: this feat enables the DoWW to ignore all pleas from others to stop the flow of information. A formidable feat indeed, it allows both Extended Discourse and Greater Link to be used in the same post. There is no save.

Level 9

Recruit Disciple: this feat anables the DoWW to recruit others as followers. A DC 17 Will and Fortitude save is required or the victim will be converted into a worshipper of Wizards and follower of Weatherwax.

Level 10

Massive Dissertation: the most powerful of the DoWW's pre-epic feats, this allows the DoWW to go on at length and to such a degree of excrutiating detail that the reader is absolutely unable to turn away from the screen. Secondary effects include Crippling Migraine, Information Overload, and Bleeding From the Eyes. There is no saving throw for these effects. May be used 1x/week.