Capítulo 10: The Training of Bards

I like Deekin. He is funny. And quite an original character, huh? A Kobold Bard. Wow! But why stop there? Why not make a Demon Bard? Or a Goblin Bard? Or a Half-Ogre Bard? Please?

The Bard looked at the students and sighed. Strangely enough there were very few humans in the class. Most of the students now were monsters or Gnomes.

Anyway, now wasn’t the time to think. He was trying to teach a Half-Ogre to act. Ah! That would be like asking a cat to stop being a selfish bastard!

“To be or not to be a thingy? That’s the thingy!” – said the Half-Ogre.

“The what, dear?” – asked the Bard.

“Thingy, stupid sissy human!”

“Ohhh, dear! You mean "question", don’t you?”

“That’s what I said! Thingy!”

The Bard looked a bit confused and shrugged. Why him?

“Very good, dear! Now... show me your smile!” – asked the Bard.

The Half-Ogre showed the Bard his smile.

“Right! Don’t ever... I mean ever... do that again, dear! I almost made a boo-boo in my pants.” – said the Bard.

“A what?”

“You know... a thingy.”

“Ohhh... Okay!”

“You really have sharp teeth, dear.”

“Thank you, stupid sissy human.” – said the Half-Ogre.

“Right! Let’s practise this other line. Say it, dear!”

“I... L- ooooo- v- iiiii..... yus! Kiss me, my thingy!”

“That will have to do, dear. That will have to do.” – said the Bard.