Capítulo 16:Hide In Plain Sight Rules!

Note: Nothing to say. The title says it all. This story is based on a side quest from Icewind Dale 2. That side quest made laugh so much, that I had to create this story. Because everyone knows that a dead cat does indeed bring good luck. Especially for the dead cat.

Rob sighed. Life wasn’t easy for a Shadow Dancer, especially if you were a dwarven Shadow Dancer. Dwarves weren’t known by their finesse, so Rob had to train hard to reach his current abilities and experience in hiding in the shadows.  But he wasn’t the bravest of souls, quite the opposite, really. He was even afraid of shadows, you see. That was quite disturbing for a Shadow Dancer’s ego, and he had even consulted a psychiatrist but without success. He was a loser, plain and simple.

So Rob decided to hire a partner, a Half-Orc Rogue, known for his stupidity and rotten teeth. The Half-Orc´s name was Idiot. Sure it wasn’t the best of names, but it was easy to remember.

“Quite, idiot!” – mumbled Rob.

The Half-Orc nodded and then grinned. Rob was beginning to question his partner’s usefulness. Which was bad, considering they were in the middle of a job. They were inside a rich noble’s mansion. The house was full of gold and jewels, but it was also full of guards.

“What’s that smell?” – asked Rob.

“I don’t smell anything.” – said Idiot.

Rob knew that the Half-Orc wasn’t telling the truth. It was either that, or the brute didn’t have a nose.

“It seems… that someone died or something?”

The Half-Orc patted the Dwarf on the back and said: “Oh! You mean my dead cat?”

The Dwarf nodded and then gestured for the Half-Orc to follow him. After a few seconds, Rob’s brain started screaming in horror and pointing at Idiot as if he was an aberration.

“Your what?” – said Rob.

Idiot looked a bit confused and showed his bag. A dead cat was inside the bag, looking a bit… dead.

“My lucky dead cat!”

The Dwarf looked at his partner in a way that can only be described as in pure disgust.

“Your lucky dead cat…”

“My father told me that a dead cat brings good luck.” – said the Half-Orc.

The Dwarf knew that this wasn’t the best of times to discuss this horrible topic, but he was he was nevertheless curious, so he asked: “What? Good luck? The cat is dead… Is that good luck? Shouldn’t you have a live cat? One that can meow and stuff like that?”

“That’s stupid! The cat only brings luck when he is dead. Not when he is alive.”

The Dwarf sighed again, and then punched Idiot. He didn’t know why, but it just made him feel better.

“Look! The smell is going to attract the guards!” – said Rob.

“No! The luck from the dead cat will protect us!” – said Idiot, looking really confident.

“The poor bugger is beginning to decompose! Are those fleas? And other parasites?” – said Rob, sweat crossing his face.


“Do they also bring good luck?”

“What? Fleas don’t bring good luck! That would be stupid!” – said the Half-Orc.

The Dwarf’s brain decided that this was the last straw. He had heard some noise from behind him… that would the guards, of course. They must have been attracted by the horrible smell. 

It was time to bravely run away. But what of the bastard and his dead cat? That stinky animal was sure to attract more attention.

“Errr… Look! It is Drizzt!” – said Rob.

The Half-Orc´s eyes went wide in surprise and then yelled: “Where?”

The Dwarf grinned evilly and then disappeared in the shadows (Hide in plain sight).

“That was not Drizzt! Hey! Where are you?” – asked the Half-Orc.

Two guards appeared behind Idiot and pointed their swords at the Half-Orc.

“You are under arrest, you foul beast!” – said one of the guards.

“Why?” – asked Idiot.

The guards changed glances and then nodded.

“For trying to steal from our master.” – said the first guard.

“And for trying to murder our bloody noses!” – said the other.