Capítulo 3: The Honest Rogue

What? You can now have Lawful Good Rogues? Really? Okay, I will bite. I mean it isn’t that difficult to imagine, right? We are talking about a Rogue that is both Lawful and Good, meaning that he respects Order, Laws and practices Good deeds. He must steal from the rich and give it to the poor, that sort of thing. Good reliable chap. As honest as a Lawful Good Paladin. Yeah! That will work.

It wasn’t easy being a Lawful Good Rogue. It was in fact the exact opposite. He had to control all of his roguish instincts and act like a proper citizen. He would never steal from the innocent, nor would he ever murder someone for money. That wouldn’t be… very nice.

So… he had a conflict of interests. On one hand he wanted to steal everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor, and on the other hand he wanted to act like a Lawful Good character.

Oh, well! A Lawful Good Rogue has to do what a Lawful Good Rogue has to do.

“Dear Guard, I am turning myself in.” – said the Rogue.

“What?”  - said the confused Guard.

“Instead of trying to find the cure, I have been stealing and robbing people. So, being an honest person, I decided to turn myself at the mercy of Tyr.”

The Guard nodded. It made a bit of sense. He had heard about the mysterious looting of various houses. What didn’t make sense was the fact that the guy was the chosen one of that Elf Paladin. Why would he want to be locked up in a cold and stinky prison cell? Was she that bossy?

“Errr... Is this a trick?” – asked the Guard.

“No, dear sir. Guilty, I am.”

“You are mad! This has to be a trick!”

“Take me in, sir!”

Lock up the future saviour of the city of Neverwinter? Yeah, right! Pull the other one, it has bells on.

“Go away!”

“Am I... forgiven, then?” – asked the Rogue.

“Yes... But only if you go away! Now!”