Capítulo 4: The Villain and his Psychiatrist

For some strange reason, I tend to prefer the Villain over the Hero. I don’t know why, it just happens. I mean I know that the Villain will eventually lose against the Hero, yet I keep rooting for the bad guy. To tell you the truth, I usually prefer the happy endings. But why would I support the Villain if I want the Hero to win in the end? Ahhh! My head hurts! At least I have discussed my problem with you. I feel a lot better. But what about the Villain? When he has a problem with whom does he talk to? His minions? I doubt it. The Hero? Yeah, the evil monologue can be interpreted as a cry for help. But my money is on a psychiatrist.

For the sake of the story, let’s give the Villain a name. Oh! I know… we will call him Villain. It is quite catchy and easy to remember.

Well, Villain is a very nasty and evil bad guy. He likes to plot and to torment innocents… Oh! And he also likes to kick puppies. Don’t ask! Really, you don’t want to know.

Villain was inside a strange room. No, it wasn’t a dungeon. Nor was it a prison cell. It was much, much worse than that.

It was a psychiatrist’s office.

“I want to conquer the world!” – yelled Villain.

“Why?” – asked the psychiatrist.

Huh? That was a tricky question.

“Why? Because I am Evil!”

“Interesting. And after that?”

“What? After what?”

“Conquering the world.” – explained the psychiatrist.

“That’s easy! The Universe!”

“Hummm... And after that?”

“What? After conquering the Universe?” – asked the Villain.


“I don’t know... Kill people? Gain more power?”

“Okay. And after that?”

“Are you mocking me? I am Evil.”

“And why are you evil?”

"Evil, not evil! Why are you asking so many questions?” – demanded Villain.

“Don’t you like it?”


“Why is that?”

Okay! That was the last straw!

“Aaaaaarrrgggghhhh!” – yelled Villain.

The evil man looked angrily at his psychiatrist and then opened a dimensional portal. The psychiatrist didn’t look very impressed. Villain threw the psychiatrist into the portal and gave a very cruel maniacal laugh.

“Have fun in Hell!” – mocked Villain.

The psychiatrist landed on the ground. He wasn’t in his office anymore.

Where was he, then? Maybe that nice little chap with the big horns would be able to tell him.

“Aahhh! More fresh meat! Now, human, you will suffer!”
– growled the Demon.

“Why is that?” – asked the psychiatrist.

The Demon hesitated. People usually screamed and begged for their life when they met him. They had never asked him questions.

“Because... You are in Hell!”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“About what?”

“The fact that I am in Hell.”

“Errr... Great?”

“Why is that?”

“There must be a mistake... This is supposed to be your moment of agony, not mine!”

“And how do you feel about that?” – asked the psychiatrist.