Capítulo 9: Monk of the Caffeine Order

Don’t Monks seem a bit… well… cheesy? I mean they are way more powerful than most of the other Classes. Don’t get me wrong! They are quite interesting and fun to play with. Anyway, it was only a matter of time until I thought about a Monk under the effects of caffeine. The results weren’t pretty…

The Monk looked at his map and sighed. He appeared to be lost… again. Damn! Where was he? Was he lost in a forest? Or was this a desert of some kind? All he could see were trees and… trees… and more trees… and a bear… and trees…

Maybe he was lost in the sea?

The poor guy wasn’t a Ranger, so how could he know where the hell he was? He was a Monk that belonged to the "Caffeine Order"; the Monks of this Order drink many cups of coffee in order to become more lethal.

Suddenly, an Assassin stepped out from behind a bush.

“Oh, boy! It is that damn Assassin.” – said the Monk.

“Good. I have finally found you! You will die and suffer! Suffer!” – yelled the Assassin.

So this was it… he was going to die lost in… some kind of… mountain? Other dimension? Someone’s backyard?

“Ahhh! Could you just hold a second?” – begged the Monk.


Monk picked up a bottle from his pack.

“I will just drink some coffee. My last request! Please!”

“Okay. If that is your last wish.” – said the Assassin.

The Monk drank the coffee. The whole bottle.

“Whoa! You just drank that whole bottle of coffee!”

The Monk was very still, completely ignoring the Assassin.

“Errr... Are you okay?”

The Monk looked at the Assassin. His eyes were shining.

“Ohhh! Are you ready to die?” – asked the Assassin.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss! Iamreadytodie! ButIwon´t! Youwilllllllllllllllllllll!”

The Monk started running and jumping at an incredible speed.

“Banzai! Sayonara! Chop Chop! Kickyouinthechin!” – yelled the Monk.

The Assassin threw lots of daggers in the direction of the Monk, but the Monk was able to dodge all of the attacks.

“Ohhh, boy! Now I understand why people wouldn’t accept this contract. You really are a "Monk of the Caffeine Order".”

The Monk gave the Assassin a punch in the belly, a kick in the face and a kick in the rear. The poor guy was beaten in a matter of seconds.

“Oucchhh!” – cried the Assassin.

“Huuuuuzzzzaaahh! Whoisthebest? Whoisthebest? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! AndnowIwill... Runaroundtheworld! Oooooohhhh!”


The Monk started running at an incredible speed and went away. The Assassin looked at the bottle that the Monk had left behind.

“Damn you, caffeine! Damn you!” – said the Assassin.